Are you thinking of doing (next) fitness challenge, but still can’t decide if you should? I know this feeling of hesitation. You think it could be awesome, but what if you’ll have no time? What if you fail? What will you partner say? And so on… Stop it! And think for a minute of all the positive effects the challenge can have on your life.

Fitness challenges are awesome because they help you to:


Doing something better is practically the whole point of all fitness challenges and it will make you stronger and prouder of yourself. You will learn so much about your capabilities and will most certainly become faster, stronger and smarter. In simple terms – just waking up early to work out 4 times a week can create such a strong feeling of Victory that you may become unstoppable in all aspects of your life.


Most of the challenges involve human interactions and if they don’t, you can try to use them to create new connections. For example, I was quite humble about my 1st marathon preparation and kept it all to myself. Gladly people around me started to talk and helped me find at least 10 colleagues who were also training and were looking for some company.


Not all of them will be positive (e.g. pain, fatigue, hesitations), but they will all for sure be memorable!


This may be your goal or a by-product of a chosen challenge, but all those regular workouts will certainly make you fitter and stronger. So they can actually be a great way to get you back into shape quickly or increase your overall level of fitness (e.g. endurance, speed, resistance, strength)


Not that I encourage you to brag about your achievements, but please just try not be too shy about things you do. Sharing information about your journey can motivate many people to do or at least try to do the same. This could actually change their lives. Isn’t it great to know that you helped someone?

Based on my experience preparing a marathon was a life changing journey. And it literally gave me life-lasting confidence that anything is possible.

But as usually is the case, all good things come at a price! So, make sure to read my next post to find out how dangerous fitness challenges can be.


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