Do you occasionally fall off the fitness wagon and stop exercising for couple of month/years? Or maybe you never caught the fitness train and don’t even know where the train station is. No panic. In this era of fitness madness and information abundance anyone can get fit for life.

Looking back a few years I can think of 5 things that helped me to start and carry on working out:

1. Accessibility of different workouts

Working out has become easy and relatively cheap nowadays. Gyms, swimming pools, private coaches, books, YouTube channels, boxing schools, dancing classes etc… Just try not to overthink it and get tapped in the search of the workout, that is right for you.

2. Workouts with private coaches

Occasionally (once a year) I take private lessons for different types of workouts – weight lifting, running, yoga, tennis. Although I don’t think that relying on private lessons is a good strategy for ultimate fitness, I do believe that working out under a professional’s supervision allows you to learn new things and improve both your technique and overall performance.

3. Workouts with colleagues

Get a habit of sharing information about your fitness plans and struggles and you will discover a lot of fit people are out-there.  I personally was amazed to find out how many people at work were actually serious marathon runners, triathlon and ironman gurus.  They are an enormous source of inspiration and they love to take their less advanced colleagues out for a workout.

4. Focus on variety

My weeks and month never look alike. I simply can’t go to the same gym 3 times a week and because of that I had to become creative and figure out ways to work out literally everywhere.

To start with, I mastered my favorite gym classes such as body combat, body pump, cycling, CrossFit and stretching. That gave me lots of flexibility in terms of timing. Basically I can come to any gym anytime and there will be a class for me. I see so many people who stick to 1 or 2 types of classes which limits their workout possibilities.

And if you want to be completely unstoppable you should get familiar with weight training and learn how to make good use of machines at the gyms. See the point? I am advising you to open your horizons and become a gym generalist instead of body pump specialist.

Now add to the mix outdoor activities, like running, cycling, HIIT, yoga or swimming –whatever you’re into – and there will be a workout possibility for you in any place at any time.

5. Search for freedom and independency

It wasn’t until I started running and working out at home, that regular training became my lifestyle.  I started with online videos and some basic equipment, now I am at the stage when I am absolutely capable of putting together a decent workout on my own. Isn’t it awesome?

So now that you know what worked for me and I hope it will help you find your own way to ultimate fitness freedom.


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