If you as a person piss off your boss, the impact on your work/life, or life/work balance can be significant. It will create all sorts of unnecessary tension and sometimes even deep depression. To avoid this, you simply need to understand and eliminate the reasons why your boss is unhappy.

Today, I will share a couple of things that piss me off with employees, and hopefully you will recognize some situations and understand things from a different perspective.

I hate it when people don’t take full ownership of things.

Do you know how frustrating it is when you are relying on someone to get things done and finished, and the finished product, whether it be a presentation, document, report, anything, falls short of your expectations?

If there is an issue over content, timelines, quality, just be honest about it. And if you are unsure, just ask.

If you want to know the magnitudes of pissedoffness, they are similar to the earthquakes Richter Scale:

  • Ask for clarification of expectations at the start of an initiative, no rumbles at all.
  • Get started and head in the wrong direction, magnitude 4.0.
  • Arrive to the end of your project, and be completely off track, especially if you haven’t calibrated your work with your boss…., magnitude 7.8, and all the resulting damage and tsunamis that will go with it.

Keep asking until you make sure you fully understand what your boss wants.  If you have a perception of what your boss wants, and it is not aligned with his or her reality, there will only be one loser….

Here is another one that may piss off your boss.

Employees who went to HR to complain, but don’t want HR to act on the information.

What is that all about?

I cannot trust people that do this. And, there are a lot of these people out there.  Maybe you are one of them?  What do you hope to happen?  HR work away in secret and get rid of the person you are unhappy about, or, just do not like?

Deal with the issues directly, do not fall into the trap of thinking you will win some battle by engaging in office politics subversively.  Just be open, if Mr X is not performing, hit him up about it, but deal with facts and facts only.  92% of the time that there are issues between people, it is a personal or a personality issue.  Help yourself, and your boss out by dealing with just plain facts, openly and early.  Do not let things fester.  And, leave HR out of it.  There are, or they should be, non-partisan.  Fix your own issues on your own if you can.

Of course, if the issue is your boss, and you cannot resolve the problem directly, after a non-emotional, fact based discussion, sure, go to HR.  But please be realistic, typically, a company will place more emphasis on the boss’s testimony rather than the employee.  That is just life.  Get over it.

You see things are quite simple. Just take full ownership of your projects and your relationship at work and your boss will never really get mad at you. Why? Simply because bosses like reliable trustworthy mature people.

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