Why is it that we are encouraged to put all types of arguably irrelevant skills to our CVs, but we never mention business travelling capacity? Something like: can easily handle up to 32 flights a month or high train trip tolerance for up to 30 hours a week. Sounds inhumane, right? Lets not jump to conclusions.

With the globalization of the business, travelling across countries and regions became a must for many workers. Unfortunately, once you start travelling a lot people at work will be taking this fact for granted and wouldn’t make a big deal about all the trips and sacrifices you are making. It will be up to you to cope with your late nights, missed family dinners, bad food and lack of sleep. What a shame!

I am willing to recognize and praise all the business travellers out there. They are doing such incredibly tricky things on a regular basis, but so many of their skills and talents are dismissed.

Today I will reveal 8 critical skills that make an excellent business traveller and are totally worth bragging about:

(1) Ability to sleep in any place at any time

Once a person starts doing regular business trips, the nights will become way shorter. So sleeping on a plane, on the train, in a taxi or even in a business lounge is a key survival mechanism developed by most experienced business travellers. And it really doesn’t matter if (s)he travels in the evening or in the afternoon because this precious “me” time should be spent wisely. And the smartest thing to do (after working of course) would be to try to get an extra hour of sleep.

(2) High bad food tolerance

Business traveller’s ability to regularly and effortlessly digest all types of low quality foods is priceless. The notion of balanced meals with focus on fiber, protein and vitamin intake cannot be taken too seriously by a busy globe trotter.  Despite all the efforts to get a piece of fruit or a salad now and then, the popular item of the daytime menu will be bread, pastries and then some more bread!

(3) Sincere appreciation of business lounge food

You know you are an established and skilled business traveller when you arrive to business lounge and you think, ‘finally I will eat something nice’. There finally is an alternative to bread such as fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, some kind of salad, meatballs, smoked salmon and ham. Deep inside you know that this is not the quality you deserve, but damn, it tastes better than all those sandwiches!

(4) Minimum fresh air consumption

What? Air can be fresh? You mean like oxygen fresh from the ocean or a crisp air from the forest? I bet most business travelers would get high on all this oxygen. Because in the best case scenario his/her daily respiratory reeds will be fulfilled with air-conditioner winds on planes, trains, taxis, airports and meeting rooms. The least fortunate business travelers will be exposed to more natural un-airconditioned environments that will vary in temperature and come with all sorts of funky odors.

(5) Ability to work anywhere

If you are postponing work tasks until you return from your trip, then be ready for surprises. You will become extremely slow, inefficient and your existence will soon be forgotten. An excellent business traveler knows how to work literally everywhere and anytime. Restaurant, bar, plane, hotel, train, taxi, subway, queue, meeting, gym… Every place and surrounding should work as long as you got your smart phone or your laptop with you.

(6) Modest fashion aspirations

No, a business traveler does not necessarily dress bad. (S)he just doesn’t mind repetitiveness and consistency. Simply because of the number of outfits that can fit into a hand luggage is equal to 2 maximum. So changing shirts or tops everyday would be considered good enough.

(7) Low interest towards social life

Weekly dinners with girlfriends or regular night outs in sports bars with mates is a nonsense for a real business traveller.  Simply because the meeting schedules will always keep changing and flights or trains will keep arriving late. Therefore, dear friends and family, be ready to see your globetrotter one of these days. But which one exactly is to be confirmed next week.

(8) High sitting tolerance

Meetings, flights, car rides and late working nights are not the best places to squat and jump. Therefore, how much a business traveler can sit in one place is critical! It could actually turn out to be a nightmare for some active ones but even they will get used to it eventually. Because most business travelers independently accepted to limit their freedom of movement and became very good at moving moderately.

Now you know how exceptional and talented all those “suits on a plane” are. And if anyone ever offers you a job or a project that involves lots of traveling make sure that you are strong enough to develop at least some of the above mentioned skills.

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