When it comes to the right nutrition every person already has some opinion. In addition, the amount of studies, facts and methods available today is countless. We are drowning in the ocean of information, but when it comes to actually deciding what is the right thing to do a lot of us just can’t figure it out. How can we end this madness?

 In reality it’s pretty simple. In order to figure out anything in life you need 2 things (exactly in this order):

  1. Understand your strong convictions
  2. Develop and use bullshit filter

The last one is particularly well described in the famous cartoonist Scott Adams’ book.  He notes that the always changing experiences of people you know, expert opinions, scientific studies, common sense and life patterns are usually far from the truth.  And, the only way to find out what is right is to look for consistency in your everyday life.  Basically with little effort you can easily find the truth yourself.

That is exactly how I liberated myself from this awful load of useless nutrition information. It literally got to the point where I became completely ignorant of some fresh “facts” and “discoveries”. For example, if you show me 1000 studies telling that eating 3 kilos of meat daily will make me look 10 years younger. I will just smile and ignore it. Ok, maybe I will Google out of curiosity, but there is nothing you can say or do to make me try it. Because it goes against my convictions and does not pass the bullshit filter.

When it comes to food, I only have 3 convictions:

  • Natural plant based food should be a key part of my diet
  • All addictive foods and beverages should be minimized
  • My body and mind reactions will naturally guide me through life

Looks simple, right? But it took me years to get there via trial and error, yet somehow one day it just all became clear. In fact, it got so clear that I try to encourage others to see it that way, but again for them it may be far from what they consider to be the truth.

And again, thinking differently is perfectly fine as long as it is in line with your strong convictions! When you have doubts and hesitations it could mean that you are not so sure about things.

For example, I have couple of friends who are so addicted to sugar that even the idea of a week without sugar immediately makes them stressed. For years they were telling me that that is not an addiction and it doesn’t affect the quality of their life.  Until one day they figured out that they are completely imprisoned by Haribo’s, M&Ms and all other sorts of sweets. Now they call me and ask for advice on how to end this. I am 100% sure they were already suspecting that something was wrong with their convictions when we discussed this the first time.

So don’t wait years like my friends did! Figure out what your nutrition convictions are and start using the bullshit filter to apply the right information to support them.

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