Have you ever dreamed of being Batman or Wonder Woman? Here is your chance to save the world! Develop a positive optimistic outlook on life and things will never be the same again. I know it sounds too simple, but it works big time.

 Oh, this corporate world! Full of sharks, dogs and rats. Just sitting there waiting to bite you. Sooner or later you start feeling threatened and always ready to fight. Those thoughts are eating you up. You think fear. You think aggression. Enemies is all you see. What’s next?

Few more years like that and you’ll be this dog yourself biting newbies and everyone else around you.

If that is what you want, then please carry on. However, if you want to make the world a better place, consider developing a positive, optimistic mind-set.

There are thousands of manuscripts written on how to do that. Just choose any book that feels like the one and start working on your thinking process.

In case you want a general advice, here is what worked for me:

(1) Develop a habit of finding something positive in any negative situation. No exception! Even if your flight is late your phone is broken and you haven’t eaten all day. You’ll lose weight, get some offline time and meet some new people in business lounge. Isn’t it great?

(2) Learn how not to react on negativity and aggression. Especially if it is directed at you! Don’t play this game! You’ll lose anyway because you will pay with your mood and energy. This will take time to practice, but it is one of the best habits you can develop.

(3) Never participate in fights and disputes. Don’t intervene when the dog eats the dog and the shark eats the shark. Or they will choose to eat you instead.

(4) Find a way to cool down on your own. You’ll be unstoppable if you learn to decompress and let go of things without external support (ex: friends, family, food, drugs). It can be anything – meditation, cooking, running, or singing… Any activity that makes you feel relaxed and is fully under your control.

You probably read this and think: “OMG! She is crazy! She wants me to become soft, weak and slow!”
That could not be further from the truth! Because most of the time corporate toughness simply stresses people out. And if you choose to play the hard core game, it will deviate you from your goal, make you vulnerable and just burn out your body and mind.

I know that life is tough and it is not entirely your fault that things are this way. But someone very smart (can’t remember who, may be Confucius) once said or wrote:

“it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react on it.”

And even more, by choosing to see the positive side of the story you will eventually start to see good stuff everywhere. And your life automatically will become happier!

So how do you save Corporate World by being happy? That’s a no-brainer!

First, you will eliminate one stressful and aggressive person – the old you. That is already a win. Because one negative person can destabilize dozens of colleagues throughout the day! Hundreds throughout the week! And thousand throughout the month! So, you saved the whole village from years of stress! Well done!

Second, you will set the bar high for behavior and sooner or later inspire others to be positive.


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