How often do you challenge yourself  whether you live the life you want? Once a month? Once a year? Once every couple of years? Ouch… Let me guess… You are too busy living your actual life so you have no time to plan and dream. Well if you really think so then this post is for you.

Fit in The Office team already shared with you a few ideas on where to find time to do the things you want. The principle is simple –  get rid of all low value added activities and optimize the time you spend on things you can’t get rid of. This takes practice, but it works exceptionally well for those who already know what their life should look like and where they are going.

In fact, very determined and goal oriented people probably do this life scanning naturally without even realising. How else would they manage to build the successful life they desire?

According to the inspiring time management guru Laura Vanderkam

“We don’t build the lives we want by saving time. We build the lives we want and time then saves itself”

Of course, time doesn’t really save because it will be quickly use on important activities. But that is beside the point.  What Mrs Vanderkam encourages us to do is to have a more holistic approach to life. And once you figure out what your goals and priorities are things will shift themselves. Under one simple condition – you need to treat your new priorities as actual priorities and not as “a stuff to do if I’ll have time”.

This is quite simple to understand by looking at things you wanted to do but for some reason didn’t.

Let’s look at the example of Mr Busy:

On Monday he cancelled exercise over dinner with friend that means that exercise is not a priority

On Tuesday he cancelled fresh food shopping over TV show with pizza that means that healthy eating is not a priority

On Thursday he cancelled time with his kids and stayed at work till late it means that educating his children is not a priority

Obviously Mr Busy puts work, his social life and passive “rest” over exercise, healthy eating and the education of his kids. And that is fine as long as this is the life he wants. But let me tell you that Mr Busy really exists and for the past 10 years he starts New Year with the dream of making himself healthier, fitter and happier.  You can clearly see from the example that unless he treats this objective as a priority his dream will never come true.

I am sure you know many like Mr. Busy or maybe you are one yourself. I actually know one very well – that was myself 8 years ago. Back then I prioritized work and study so much that there was no way I could see myself making time for anything else.

To my surprise today I work, self-study, exercise, eat healthy, travel, have decent social life and even find time to write this blog. How did I manage? I simply started to build the life I desire…

Now it’s your turn 🙂


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