It is not a secret anymore that success comes for those who look and feel good. The easiest way to achieve this physical and mental awesomeness is to work on 4 elements: mindset, workout/body, nutrition and overall life balance. It sounds like a lot of work, but actually it is quite simple. Below I’ll share the list of simple habits that could help you to add more “feel good” element to your life in no time. 

There are tons of techniques and theories that could teach you how to be happy, zen and awesome. Most of them are great, but unfortunately the best techniques have quite high entry barriers.

Let’s take meditation as an example:

  • First, according to some meditation gurus like Osho, the concept of meditation is poorly understood and misinterpreted by western society.
  • Second, even if you do your best to try “just sitting, doing nothing”, but don’t change the way you see the world, this practice wouldn’t do much for you.
  • And finally, it could take years of daily practice before you see the benefits of the meditation.

But what if I told you that there are 5 EASY techniques you could use daily to become happy and relaxed fast? All 5 are accessible to anyone and are 100% FREE! 

Here is the list of my favourite zen habits:

(1) PAUSE:

Learning how to STOP and enjoy the moment of stillness will allow you to discover the whole new beautiful world around you.

The modern world forces us to be fast with everything, but the speed of reaction is just an illusion of good performance. We end up mindlessly rushing through everything and we probably miss more things than what we accomplish.

By taking a few moments to pause during the day, you will go deeper and further in your life.


Connecting to your breath is the simplest way to calm down and to become mindful. Breathing deeply and noticing air coming in and out is without a doubt the greatest and the cheapest way to relax your body and mind…

If you don’t like all this wishy washy girly zen talking, just think about it as a concentration technique then. Use whatever arguments you need to take this step towards a calmer and more focused version of you.

Before I list 3 remaining zen habits, why don’t you try to practice PAUSING & BREATHING first? Just take couple of minutes and do it daily whenever it feels right.

And I’ll share the rest of the useful information next week.

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