Do you want to feel good? Do you want to be active? Do you want to have good routine? But how? How can you turn your life upside down when everything around you prevents you from being where you want to be? Simple. By making baby steps every day.

I may have few tricks to share on this.

Instead of thinking that you would like to be more active or you wish you had more energy to go to gym. Think about  WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DONT LIKE ABOUT YOUR LIFE  and how it can be replaced with something more likable.

This advice goes against all modern motivational coaching that advocates to visualise the good and forget the bad, but it worked really well for me.

Here is the example of things I don’t like and solutions to those problems:

  1. Too much sitting literally kills me
    • Problem: I don’t like to sit all day behind my desk it destroys my body and kills my creativity
    • Some Solutions: I asked for a standing desk, I walk around my office with my ipad to read documents, when I present, I always stand up, I never take elevator, I always go for a 15-minute walk before or after lunch and, if possible, I walk home from work. On weekends I try to be as active as possible.
  1. I miss fresh air
    • Problem: office windows don’t open and there is very little fresh air
    • Some Solutions: I go out of town every weekend and try to stay outdoors as much as possible, I go out for lunch, I go out for walks (see point 1), I use essential oils to freshen up air at home and in the office.
  1. I generally don’t enjoy food from the office cafeteria
    • Problem: I don’t like eating fried fatty meals with next to no fresh vegetables
    • Some Solutions: I choose the “healthiest” option available, I started drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast to load myself up with much needed vitamins, I found a good take-out that can deliver nice salads to the office, I try to keep my home kitchen stocked up with vegetables to make cooking healthy and light dinners easy.
  1. I don’t like unnecessary pressure and too much workload
    • Problem: never ending pressure due to bad prioritising and additional unexpected workloads
    • Solution: I changed attitude and started taking things more easily, I stopped being a perfectionist, I openly articulate to my bosses when my workload is unmanageable and can affect quality of my work/life, I help my bosses to better prioritise their projects and my objectives, I only accept additional projects if they are very important, urgent and there is no one else who can do it (and sometimes if someone super nice says “pleeaaaseeeee”)

Can you see the link with how solving all those issues helped me to work out regularly?  At first, I started moving during office hours and that gave me more punch during the day. Then, I started to continuously seek fresh air and eat healthier and quite quickly got more energy. And finally, I became wise and mature enough to communicate to my superiors that by making me work smarter not harder they will get better result and I will get more time to exercise.

You see there was no dreaming and no miracles! Only facts, logic and dedication.

So what is bothering you regularly and how will you handle it?

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