WARNING: After reading this, some amazing Christmas miracles might start happening to you! Read at your own risk.

 For most people, Christmas seems to be the time to let go of all work-related tensions. For a modern workaholic, however, it’s rather a source of additional stress and unwanted pressure. This is exactly why a little Mind Detox could do Christmas miracles for a work-addict (and for anyone, for that matter).

 Just like body detox that cleanses our body by flushing out all sorts of “mud” from our liver, kidneys, intestine and lungs, mind detox is meant to do exactly the same to our heads.

The issue is that unlike well-known physical toxins, our mental toxins are if not unknown, then definitely unrecognized by a wider audience.

I did some research and some thinking (yes, I do that, too, sometimes 🙂 ) and came up with a list of 4 toxins that deserve to be flushed out before Christmas:


We have way too many communication channels and monitoring all of them is really toxic for the brain and can cause attention span disorder.

Research shows that an average person checks their smartphone 150 TIMES A DAY!!!!  Workaholics are even more vulnerable to this because they feel the need to check and answer every message, regardless of the hour of the day.

 => to detox:  focus on Christmas preparations that don’t require digital communication such as decorating, making(!) gifts and cooking. The easiest way to help you focus is to disable notifications and keep your phone far away from you.


Those can definitely wear out anyone. Especially, if a person is a workaholic that lives under the constant pressure to work, to deliver and to over achieve. No, wonder they start to run out of energy just by thinking about everything that needs to be prepared for Christmas.

=> to detox: make a Christmas promise to yourself to stop promising things to others. Remind yourself that Christmas is a holiday and you can actually do whatever you like. In a long run you want to get to the point when the amount of all obligation allows you to have regular “me time”.


This is the worst mind toxin, because it makes you feel really miserable. Workaholics feel guilty when they don’t work or don’t do enough. This annoying feeling of guilt just sits in their heads and gets in a way of living a good life.

=> to detox: try to trick the habit of doing things for others by developing a much cooler habit of being nice to yourself. Recognize that your wellbeing is even more important than your work because without it you wouldn’t be able to work properly anyway.


Yes, I know that before anything, a workaholic is a professional that needs to look smart. But since they work all the time, they end up being too serious. And that is a toxic way of being, because in a long run it will turn you into a grumpy, boring person that no one wants to be or be around.

=> to detox: please force yourself to do something fun and, if possible, silly. The easiest way is to play a game with young kinds because those little buddies definitely know how to have fun and Christmas is the perfect time to for that.

I hope I managed to convince you to try those 4 Christmas Mind Detox tips.

Good luck & Happy Holidays!

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