The Price of a Free Office Food

Your grandma may have told you that eating between meals is bad. But what did she know about working in the modern office where circumstances work completely against this principle. Morning meetings, coffee rooms, regular good bye parties are full of overeating opportunities that not all of us handle well. May be you are one [...]

By | June 7th, 2017|Featured, Nutrition|0 Comments

A Business Travel Is An Underestimated Skill

Why is it that we are encouraged to put all types of arguably irrelevant skills to our CVs, but we never mention business travelling capacity? Something like: can easily handle up to 32 flights a month or high train trip tolerance for up to 30 hours a week. Sounds inhumane, right? Let’s not jump to [...]

By | April 26th, 2017|Featured, Office Life|0 Comments
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