Do you feel like sometimes you have too much life and sometimes too much work, but it never really feels balanced? Why is it always one the other? May be balance is just not for you and you will forever be work-less or life-less? Or maybe you are looking at it the wrong way?

If you read our Work-Life Balance 1.0 post, then you know that true balance is highly personal.

However, everyone around you tries to impose their views on your wellbeing. Lawmakers say you should work about 40 hours per week. Your permanent work contract suggests you work equally well each week. Your spouse says that you should spend your evenings at home. Your fit friends say you should exercise at least 10 hours per week. Your mother says that you should take your kids fishing every weekend. Your childhood fried wants to hang out with you every week.

But what about your needs?

What if you feel that spending time with your kids is so important and that it gives you such boost of energy that you don’t want to do anything else? What if constant intellectual challenge is something you can’t live without? What if good team work and common goals at the office are the reasons you wake up in the morning?  What if you get angry and aggressive if you don’t get enough sleep? What if after all you don’t want any balance at all?

Hold on to that one… let’s not jump to conclusions too quickly…

First of all, let’s agree that in reality the perfect balance people talk about is not something predictable. Sure, having good daily routine is great, but unless you live in an isolated environment, things happen. And having the exact same amount of activities regularly is impossible.

Second of all, who said that you should have it all at the same time? It is perfectly normal to be focused more on one thing than on another for some period of the time. For example, when things are smooth at work, you can focus more on exercise. Build up your body strength and endurance in advance and exercise a bit less when times will get busier. Same goes when you study, start a new relationship or renovate your house.

And finally, what if the thing that truly makes you fulfilled is just out of regular balance?

We once heard a story that a CEO’s kids complained for years that daddy was never there. But maybe their dad would become sad and depressed if he would not live up to his full potential? And I am sure a lot of kids from modest families would appreciate a well-placed relative opening few doors in their lives. We also heard accusations that one Yoga guru was not spending enough time with her 4 kids. But what if yoga helped her to fight enormous amounts of stress and different addictions. Ultimately that will allow her to live longer, hence spend more time with her kids.

Looks like no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to please everyone…

The truth is that perfect textbook balance is probably not your balance at all and that is why fighting for it is so difficult and quite frankly, pointless. Only you can define what your balanced life looks like.

That is why Fit in The Office Team recommends to open your mind and listen to smart advice, but look for answers only within yourself.


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