Inspiring office workers to build fit and happy lifestyles

woman Who am I?

My name is Julia.

I am no Wonder Woman. And quite frankly, I don’t even qualify as Speedy Gonzales. I am just an ambitious working lady that as many other professionals suffered from not so beneficial for well-being corporate way of life.

Luckily, I managed to get back everything that mattered: health, body shape, relationships and positive outlook on life. And I am sharing this experience to help all office warriors to get fit & live happy balanced life they deserve.

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idea What do I believe in?

Working in the office is really unhealthy, and there is a big probability that it will make you overweight or sad at some stage (maybe both)

Being fit, happy and healthy is a key to successful relationships and career (and not the other way round)

Making your wellbeing a priority is the best present you can give to  yourself and your loved ones (and not a selfish egocentric act)

Being “brainwashed” by someone else’s fitness standards is a straight road to the land of recurring failure and continuous disappointment

info Why I started this project?

My desire to make corporate world physically and mentally fitter is not based solely on personal experience.

Research says that sedentary office jobs cause burnouts, depressions, back pain, premature death, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and even some types of cancer.

Moreover, our personal and professional lives continue to become more demanding year after year. This leads many us towards highly unbalanced lifestyle with potentially deplorable consequences.

And I just can’t look at it and do nothing!

peeps The Team

I would like to acknowledge that Fit in The Office project would not happen without my wonderful friends who somehow became my dream project-and-support team. Those incredible ladies are:

Olga Klebanow, who should not be too shy to take most of the credit for the visual content.

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Maria Volovik, who is my one and only web development inspiration and launch coach.

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Kairi Thornton, who is a mama of 3 by day and social media ninja by night…

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